About Us

Git New is the new product marketplace. It is the Etsy, Ebay and Amazon of new products! Our niche is new products and only new products. We make sure that new products get the maxim amount of exposure with the lowest fees. We are all about helping boost new product and getting those products maximum exposure. We make sure your product is getting out to your targeted customer. Our customer base is always looking for new innovative products which is why they shop on Git New. The consumer that wants new innovative product that has just been released on the market shops on Git New! Both the seller and buyer are always happy!

Git New is unique and special in itself and that's what makes it "the new product marketplace". If your wanting to release your new product to the market and get in front of the right customer base that is only looking for new products than Git New is for you!

If your looking to buy new innovative products that have just released on the market than Git New is for you. Git new is made for new products and is all about new products, that's what we are all about.

Company's big and small list there new products on Git New when they decide to go to market with there new product(s). Git New shows all the newest product releases before anyone else does.

Our fees are also the lowest on the market. We only charge a 3% fee on everything that is sold. We have the best payment provider with the lowest fees on the market. Seller fees are automatically deducted after a sale so there is no extra step in having to pay your seller fees.

When it comes time to getting paid you have options. You can choose to get paid via PayPal and or Stripe. The option is totally up to you. You will also have immediate access to your funds when you get a sale so there is no waiting for funds to clear.

We are not quick to ban like other Marketplaces. We keep our marketplace safe and secure but are not quick to ban users. We have our own protocols to protecting the Git New community and do it differently than other marketplaces which makes it more effective and resulting in less bans and a safer marketplace. We give our sellers a chance and also protect our buyers. There's a balance and we understand it.

Welcome to the new product marketplace, the marketplace that connects brand new products that have just released on the market to the consumer that is looking for new innovative products.


Git New was totally made for you!