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MagiMask - Immersive Augmented Reality

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MagiMask and Tools, 4th batch!
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MagiMask + MagiTools + Free shipping! --> MagiMask - An immersive, high resolution Augmented Reality headset for your smartphone --> MagiTools - Pysical trackers that lets you interact with the digital world in new ways. Use any full-screen AR app and be completely immersed! Also works as a FPV for drones and as your personal cinema!
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  • MagiMask: Immersive AR Headset


Second time Indiegogo-creators presenting MagiMask - An immersive, high resolution Augmented Reality headset for your smartphone. Including physical trackers that lets you interact with the digital world in new ways. Experience AR, use it as a portable cinema or play games! ✅ Full resolution - 4 times higher than split-screen VR ✅ Works with full-screen apps (AR, movies, games, ++) ✅ Unique optical solution ✅ Can be used with glasses ✅ Universal smart phone holder

The world's first, high definition, easy-to-use, immersive Augmented Reality Headset, combined with physical tracker objects, that allows you to easily interact with the digital world in new ways.

Here's a selection of 10 of our favorite AR apps, that works out of the box when you receive your MagiMask and MagiTools. We believe the best way to explore the opportunities that AR presents is to explore, learn and play!.

 We went out in the streets of Oslo and let random people in all ages try the MagiMask - and got some awesome responses!


 We are proud and honored to be featured in so many great tech-outlets. Feel free to look them up and read more about what they have to say.






Our revolutionary lenses have been developed in cooperation with some of Norways' best opticians, and have a patent pending globally. Take a look through our lenses, and see the super high resolution for yourself.

The short explanation for why we deliver 4X the resolution is all because of the optics. On VR, the content is splitted in two, one picture for each eye. So, even a smartphone with a resolution of 1920x 1080, will only provide 960x 1080. But then the aspect ratio is completely off. In order to keep the aspect ratio (usually 16:9 for most 2D-content), the image has to be shrunk (as shown below to the left) to ~960x540, which turns into 1/4 of the smartphones original resolution. With MagiMask however, we're able to give you the full resolution (picture to the right). 




The objects are optimized for computer vision, which ensures a stable tracking of your models, and you can also use the MagiDice as a controller for interacting with the digital world.

So the MagiMask also works perfectly as a MovieMask, making it the perfect gadget for all the movie lovers out there. Based on our unique lens technology, it works out-of-the-box for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Youtube, and all your exisiting apps. Just plug and play!



The MagiMask is actually based on our previous product, the MovieMask, which we have sold and delivered over 10.000 units to over 70 countries so far, and that currently sells in retail for $129.




README (for Developers/Creators) 



Augmented reality reveals a new world of possibilities and now is the time to join - creating the standards of our new reality. With MagiMask and MagiTools we are giving you the starting point to unleash your creativity and participate in a passionate community. By using this platform, you can be sure that there will be people using your creations in AR, and that we together can shape the future of digital interactions.


The MagiTools are specially designed to make the transition between our reality and augmented reality as natural as possible. Reaching out to get to know more about an object is an ultimate path of least resistance, thus letting the user to immerse themselves in your experience. The patterns of MagiTools have been optimised through several iterations to be best understood by the image recognition software. We will also give all the developers access to our code in order to enable easy interactions with the MagiTools, e.g. by using the dice as a controller, and so forth.

Cooperation with Manomotion - control technology with your hands


Thanks to Manomotion, we are now also able to control technology with our hands. It is one step closer to Iron Man studio and a more accessible HoloLens. With Manomotion’s SDK you can create applications where your hand movements are recognised by the camera on your phone. You can get your SDK (working for iOS, Android and Unity) here:




With the MagiMask, anyone can get an immersive augmented reality experience. Our team also has a lot of ideas for great products in the future that we want to build. But, we can’t do it alone. Right now, YOU can choose which projects and technologies become a reality. Help us bring the high resolution AR experience to the masses by backing us now.

 Yes! We’ve made a FAQ section below. We’ll be adding new FAQs as we go along, and we’ll be keeping you up to date with Indiegogo Updates, messages, and via the Comment wall. And please, feel free to reach out to us - we are always happy to help!


Yes! We’ve made a FAQ section below. We’ll be adding new FAQs as we go along, and we’ll be keeping you up to date with Indiegogo Updates, messages, and via the Comment wall. And please, feel free to reach out to us - we are always happy to help!

Risks and challenges

The team is fully devoted to making MagiMask a success, but we are of course aware that there are risks connected with creating something completely new. We are a team of second time Indiegogo-creators (first product was called MovieMask, with an older generation version of the same optical principle). We have shipped thousands of products to over 70 countries - where around 98% was delivered on time (and the last 2% was delayed in the mail due to peak Christmas season last year). We feel confident that we can deliver to you on time this campaign as well and understand the frustration that can arise when projects don’t deliver on time. 

Even though we have a functional prototype now with close to finished aesthetics, our american Quality Control-partner has not yet finished their report on the MagiMask. If they require different processes in the manufacturing that our production partner offers, this could lead to delay or, worst case scenario, the MagiMask as of today is not fit for mass-production. 

The software that we are developing in-house and in collaboration with 3rd party developers are to be considered as demoes until we have an app on the iOS and Play store. Nonetheless, we will work on making a comprehensive list of all existing apps that can be downloaded at the time of receiving the product.

Last time we also got a lot of questions regarding customs. As of October 16th 2018, backers from USA and many other countries pay no customs for our price point, but other countries does. Please check out your local custom rules is this is important to you as we will not pay this.

We have also heard and spoken with Kickstarter-campaigns that were more successful than our funding goal, reached them, but still got troubles due to the logistics. From our interviews, this includes unreliable business partners, miscalculating costs and setting out a distribution system that is not fit for the scale of the demand. We plan to use the same production partners, quality control partners and logistics partners as we have used before and believe this will reduce the risk compared to first-time business relationships. 

Please contact for any inquiries or tips for improvement!

Best regards 
The MagiMask-team